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AboutThe Client

John Miles

John Miles ( Founder and CEO )

He is an excellent customer. Very easy to work with him. Also, He provided all the content for the project.

He was very supportive throughout the project.

This is what he says,

Sarah did an incredible job working on this. Extremely great communication throughout the project!!!! She took my input and gave me her creative opinions as well. One of the best professionals I have worked with. I would use her again without hesitation. Great job!!!!!

About this project

This website built and launched in 2015.

We used WordPress content management system and Scalia – Multi-Concept Business, Shop, One-Page, Blog Theme to build this website. We customized the theme according to customer needs. We used a drag and drop backend, so the customer can easily do any changes to the website later on. These are few things that we have done here, a slider design, blog, Photo editing, page designs and more..

Website built by Sarah | Web designer and developer.